Shipping and Delivery

Delivery, Pick up & Payments

Hello and welcome to delivery and pick up page! Here you can read some details about a nifty little lifecycle of your order’s journey from the time you place your order to your new treasures arriving at your doorstep. At first you choose the product you like. Then you put into your shopping cart and pass the checkout process in a few clicks. Our store offers several payment and delivery methods, so you have an opportunity to choose which one is the most convenient for you.

If you are an Adelaide resident, you are more than welcome to arrange to Pick Up your order. Simply request this upon placing your order.

If a Pick Up is not convenient, simply ask for a Meet Up or full delivery Option and arrangements can be made upon ordering. Delivery charges may apply.

Full Delivery options are always discussed and arranged upon ordering. The delivery method is dependant on the size of the order, the delivery location and the time of year the order is placed. Delivery charges apply.

Geraldton Hill acquires many sizes of recycled clean polystyrene containers to use for deliveries to assist with the excess of polystyrene that gets used once and ends up in land fill. For the hotter months suitable cooling options are utilised to ensure a safe delivery. Insurance is always acquired at time of shipping and thus included in the shipping cost to ensure replacement costs are covered should a delivery go astray or become damaged in transit.

Please note –
Geraldton Hill cannot be responsible for stock that is damaged after dispatching or after receipt of delivery as a result of not being stored in an environment suitable for quality couverture chocolate products. Chocolate is kindly forgiving, but will not withstand greatly fluctuating temperatures such as being stored in a normal refrigerator then moved to a warm environment. This generates condensation creating a faulty appearance. Whilst this affect does not change the taste it certainly compromises the beauty of the product. For optimum product shelf life quality and longevity it is recommended that Geraldton Hill products be stored in a cool dry spot away from direct sun light as close to 16-18 degrees as possible. Geraldton Hill is always available to discuss customer questions or concerns, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Geraldton Hill is committed to manufacturing quality products and customer satisfaction.

Payment Methods

You are welcome to pay by COD, bank transfer, or Credit Card either in person or over the phone. Large orders and new customers are required to pay at the time of order placement.