Allergy Information

Allergy Information


Geraldton Hill creates its Almond Toffee and chocolate products from the highest quality Australian ingredients aside from the Belgian Couverture chocolate which we feel best compliments our toffee.

Australian almonds are selected and toasted to enrich the toffee taste. The almonds were processed in a plant that processes peanuts and other nuts so care should be taken should such exposure be a concern.

We carefully list all product ingredients on our packaging so customers can safely analyse them to ensure they are suitable for their consumption.

Our products display Gluten Free stickers and since 2007 we have had no concerns relayed to us regarding any allergic reactions, however food allergies and intolerances are very individual so we request that customers do read the food packaging labels and do take sole responsibility for the safe consumption of our products.

Please contact Geraldton Hill at any time for any product clarifications.