Unique Artisan Chocolate Creations

Unique Artisan Chocolate Creations
Geraldton Hill

Think of all the things that are good for the soul. Sunday mornings, a crackling fire, giggling kids, a sunset bay & a best friends hug. Now add to the list, Geraldton Hill handcrafted artisan toffees and sweet creations.

About Us

Constant attention is provided to selecting the finest ingredients when manufacturing Lynn’s Geraldton Hill delicious chocolate toffee creations to maintain the highest quality for the ultimate chocolate experience.


Lynn’s favourite remains her hand-made Chocolate Almond Toffee Bark dipped in the finest Belgian couverture chocolate, but she is constantly revisiting the creative process and refining her chocolate making skills and techniques to develop new combinations to provide diverse exquisitely indulgent chocolates.



Some of our most popular products

Praise from our customers

We love your chocolates. I think that the transfers are great and make them look fantastic.

Also the box is deceptive we didn’t realise how big the chocolates were until we took them out

(couldn’t resist the taste test!)


Bracegirdle, South Australia

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