About us


The History

When just a little girl growing up in Ohio, I remember fondly the excitement and enjoyment of experiencing the many chocolate indulgences from the town chocolate shop. The aroma of flavours met my nose and enveloped me when I entered. My mouth would begin to water in anticipation remembering the flavour sensations that tumbled over my taste buds on the last visit. Will I have the ones I loved last time or try something new? Surrender was easy, with the staff providing free tastings.

With my face as close as possible to the glass, I would slowly walk alongside the long encasement that displayed the delicious array of tantalizing chocolates. I would be eating them with my eyes, anticipating their taste. Making selections from the diverse shapes and sizes that hid secret centres of nuts, marshmallow, creams and fruits, was pure delight. I had staples that would occasionally vary if I felt adventurous, but the enduring favourite was the thin shards of almond toffee. With their rich buttery taste mixed with slow roasted almonds enrobed in smooth chocolate, they were undeniably the best! So began my obsession with chocolate and this rich decadent toffee pleasure.

Little did I know that one of my first part-time jobs was to be in one of the same proprietor’s growing number of shops. I worked there through high school & university, cementing my love affair with chocolate almond toffee.
When I moved to Australia in 1988, a similar product could not be found. Over time, I decided that I would just have to learn how to make it myself. I researched many old recipes before refined my own. Then when our three beautiful children were of school age, I decided to begin sharing it with others and Geraldton Hill came to life. The same recipe is used today.

It remains my favourite. I invite you to indulge in a Geraldton Hill product and see if it hooks you too. My fervent wish is that your enjoyment matches mine.

Our Business

Geraldton Hill creates amazing decorated chocolate dipped toffee shapes that are presented in a selection of classy unique packaging making them perfect for gifts for all occasions with a choice of price points to suit.


They are truly a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.   The Geraldton Hill brand is proudly South Australian and highly regarded for creating quality products.


Geraldton Hill is largely a wholesale business, continually seeking like minded quality outlets and businesses, who share our vision for showcasing unique South Australian products, to range our quality products.


Direct sales are also welcome so please contact us at any time to place an order. We will ensure you receive your order in a timely fashion.


The recipe for our success has been the use of Australian ingredients (aside from the selection of Belgian Couverture chocolate that complements the indulgent creations), and the attention to detail with an unwavering passion for the unique hand-crafted morsels.


We strive for diversity to create exquisitely indulgent products to provide the most memorable ultimate chocolate experience that once tasted keeps you demanding to experience the taste again and again

Praise From Our Customers

I found the gift boxes of your toffee bark in OPEN HOUSE, very nice gift/gourmet shop in Clare. I note that you are planning on dropping off the bags of toffee bark too – that’s good news for me! I would classify your toffee as gourmet! 🙂 I don’t eat confectionery as a rule. Cathy

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